Meet the Creator

l'elu facial oil

L’Elu skin care exists after creator and founder, Naomi Lean became frustrated with the range and type of ingredients found in many commercial, mass produced products. She would come across a product and think, “I wish they didn’t have that in it” or “if only they added this ingredient it would work so much better.” She took her passion and knowledge of natural skin care and started making her own custom blends, using the best sustainably sourced, high performance, natural ingredients she could find. Her friends started asking for blends that suited their skin as well. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Naomi thought “Why not make this available to everyone, and why not allow them to choose their own ingredients like I always wanted?”

Naomi is on a mission to provide exceptionally high quality, Australian made, natural skin care. Personalisation and choice is behind everything L’Elu does, not only with custom blends, but by giving people choice to support a business and products that are sustainably and ethically sourced, socially conscious and cruelty free. Because how a product reacts on an animal isn’t the same as human skin – not even close!!

It’s also extremely important to Naomi to raise awareness and help those that need a hand, with 10% of all profits going towards various charities that customers can choose at checkout.

Looking at Naomi today, you might think she’s never had to struggle through bad skin; but the opposite is true. She had such oily, irritated skin for years, people would always comment on it and it made her very self-conscious. She would use mattifying products, powders – anything to try to hide this excess oil production – but nothing ever worked, it would just momentarily hide the problem and usually made it worse.

She spent years researching and discovered that when skin is dehydrated, it can produce excessive quantities of oil. She turned to facial oils to solve the problem. Naomi says, “They made my skin feel nice, sure, but they also made me break out, and a lot of them were filled with perfumes, colouring, silicones, fillers – and that’s just something I don’t think is needed nor did I want it on my face.”

Natural Skin Care Handcrafted for You

Naomi dove into the world of oils and what works for different skin types, and came up with a number of natural skin care blends and trialled them on herself for a year. Finally, after numerous formulations, she came up with her signature Oily/Combo skin facial oil. “My once excessively oily, irritated and red skin became evened out and balanced.” She now uses this every single night without fail, and even some mornings under makeup if she has enough time to let it sink in. She also firmly believes that good skin starts on the inside though and is passionate about the holistic approach, a healthy diet with plenty of water, exercising – “you can’t expect to look good if you aren’t looking after yourself internally, but adding a great skincare routine on top of this just works wonders.” “My number one favourite ingredient is definitely hemp seed oil; it’s a miracle ingredient and I swear by it. It’s the base for all of my ready-made formulations, there’s no skin type it won’t work for. If anyone was to make a custom blend I would absolutely recommend having hemp seed oil in there.”

If you’re just starting out with facial oils or you aren’t sure what to blend together, Naomi recommends one of the ready-made formulations for your skin type. “I’ve worked hard to really fine tune these, so you get the best out of it. If you’re more of a skincare aficionado I would say have a go building a custom blend!”

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